EZsync FTDI Chip USB to TTL Serial Cable for Rapsberry Pi, 3.3V, EZSync012

  • This serial cable is designed for use with the Raspberry Pi (RPi), an ultra-low cost, Linux based miniaturized computer. It can also be used as a generic serial cable for any application requires USB to TTL communication
  • Entire USB to TTL(3.3V) protocol is handled by the electronics circuit overmolded in the cable USB terminal.
  • 3 pieces “flying leads” connectors provide GND(Black), TXD(Orange), RXD(Yellow) signals. Data transfer rates from 300 baud to 3 Mbaud at TTL levels.
  • On board FTDI chip has configurable internal EEPROM. High output drive option allow I/O pins drive up to three times the standard signal drive level. UART signals can be individually inverted by configuring the EEPROM.
  • Industry most reliable FTDI chip set & device drivers for maximum compatibility. Works with all Windows and Mac OS versions.

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Every EZSync cable is built to last for years with high quality industrial grade materials. This cable works with all Windows and Mac OS versions including the latest Windows 10 and Mac OS X 10.10(Yosemite) and 10.11(EI Capitan). This cable has 6 outputs: GND(Black), TXD(Orange),RXD(Yellow). This cable can be used for Raspberry development and a variety of other applications: upgrading Legacy Peripherals to USB; interface Microcontroller UART or I/O to USB; interface FPGA / PLD to USB; USB Instrumentation PC interface; USB Industrial Control; USB Software / Hardware Encryption Dongles.


# File Description File size
1 zip FTDI_Windows 4 MB
2 zip FTDI Driver for Mac 472 KB


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