EZSync HDMI Mini Tester with LED Indicators, HDMI Male to HDMI Female, EZSync919

  • Connect in series with any RS-232 interface for testing a serial RS-232 data link. Simple and easy, no oscilloscope is needed
  • 9 bright double-color (red and green) LEDs (Light Emitting Diode) indicate the logic states for respective data lines. Green for logic HIGH (True) and red for logic LOW (False)
  • No external power required. No driver required. Plug and play.Compact size: 45mm* 35mm * 21mm. A must have tool for serial connection trouble shooting and diagnosis
  • Full RS232 spec compliant with LEDs for all 9 signals including ground/shell: DCD, RXD, TXD, DTR, GND, DSR, RTS, CTS, RI
  • Jack sockets(nuts) on the tester can be unscrewed easily(with metal shell held in place) if needed to mate with another connector that has jack sockets
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Every EZSync product is built to last for years with high- quality industrial grade materials. EZSync919 is a HDMI Mini Tester installed in series with any HDMI interface in order to test the serial data link for any failures. You can use it to troubleshoot faulty cables, bad connections or improper settings on audio/video devices and more.

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This product is owned by Purenitetech under the EZSync brand. It might be compatible but is not designed or created by FTDI, Onetouch, Freestyle, Bayer, or any other brand names.




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