EZSync USB Dongle for BLE Sniffer with nRF51822, EZSync107

  • The package contains 1x nRF51822 USB Dongle and 1x USB extension cable.
  • The device connects to a Windows PC’s USB port, and is pre-loaded with sniffer firmware, work with nRF BLE sniffer and Wireshark to display services, characteristics and attributes of any Bluetooth low energy device
  • The USB dongle enables your computer to monitor BLE data packet almost in real time
  • A must-have tool for debugging bluetooth low energy(BLE 4.0) connections


The EZSync107 USB sniffer dongle package contains one nRF51822 Bluetooth low energy USB Dongle and one USB extension cable. The dongle can be used as a packet sniffer for analyzing the BLE protocol and for software and system level debugging (use the free tool nRF BLE sniffer from Nordic and Wireshark). Please download nRF BLE sniffer from Nordic website. Please download Wireshark from www.wireshark.org, the Wireshark version has to be 1.10.X in order to be compatible with nRF sniffer.



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